Back on the saddle

After a too long a break , I managed to find the time and get on the bike for some practice , true it was not the ride I initially planned , but even a short ride is better then nothing . So the target set, warm cloth on , and I was off . it was good to feel the seat under me again and the cold wind on my face , until I got to the first hill climb , and then I noticed how out of shape I am – almost 3 month with no notable rides sent my fitness to hell .

The total distance of the ride was 17k (10.5 miles ) and it took me 45 minutes to do it – an abysmal time considering that i was doing that same distance it 35 minutes on my rides to work … and then I got home and realized I am suffering from food poisoning , so maybe I am not that out of shape – but I prefer to think that I am , and have a better motivator to push harder.

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