weather … Plans .. and life

They say that life is what happens while you make plans , back home there is a similar saying that loosely translate to “every plan is the base of modifications” , and this week to me had been no exception . I planned to visit the gym and get some training time , and maybe even have a ride outside , but no .

I could only blame myself on some of it ( well most of it ) as I used the time to walk with Tenchi back from the train station after dropping Linor and Aeryn in the morning and walking back to it when it is time to pick them up , but he is just so happy to have long walks that I feel guilty if I spend the time not do it .

So I cleared the treadmill and decided to use it for a while , managed to get a 30 minute walk on that before the house chores required my attention – not a very good “training session” .

So I thought today i will do the walk back to the train station with intervals of jogging , and what do you know the weather decided to interject – rain pouring so bad the shoes were so soaked it was like walking with ankle weights – so no running there. I still don’t know if i’ll be doing the walk to pick Linor or let he do that – depends if the rain subsides.

Only good thing in this is that the walks are 4 Km each way – so I get to walk 8K each day , small comfort and some exercise is still good for me.

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