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Weekend well spent

Categories: Fund raising | February 21st, 2011 | by Assi | no comments

This weekend I spent most of my time in the local branch of Pet’s at home in Hemel Hempstead, I went there with the unoptimistic hope that I will raise 60£ over the weekend.
I set up myself standing in the doorway with my leaflets and collection box pleading with the customers to donate money and sponsor me , eventually my mouth would utter the phrase ” Spare some change for the Dog’s Trust” all on it’s own .

With knees aching from standing, cold creeping in every time some one came or left the shop and me forgetting the pack food or water (the first day at least ) I endured and stayed on with my pleading .

When the weekend finished and I went to deposit the “loot” in the bank , the total tally was £202.99, which is 14% of the target amount I wish to achieve . and it brings me to more then 50% of the minimal amount I need to raise to participate , So I’d call it a weekend well spent .

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