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Last Collection

In the 3-4 of September I spent the days in the Pets at Home branch in Hemel for the last time raising money for the L2P cycling .

The full amount for the ride is due for the 10/9 , and the amount needed is £1350 , which is another £250 from the amount i raised so far.

Although I had to cut my stay short ( only half a day on Sunday), I managed to raise £298.28, which nearly brought me to the £1400 I wanted to raise ( I would have been happy to get even more), but I do feel satisfied about the amount I was able to gather from Friends , co-workers and on donations.


Thank you All for donating .



L2P – Gallery

Since the Gallery on the word press is not working , here is a link to the Picasa Gallery
Picase London To Paris Gallery

A turning point

During the last weekend I did a fund raising time in the local branch of Pets at home, unlike the last time I arrived early (opening) and stayed until closing time .
I had 2 collection boxes , some stickers and my fliers , by the end of the first day I was left with one sticker and two very heavy collection boxes.

In the second day the sticker went after the first hour , but the people in the shop ( clients not staff) still showed interest and willing to donate.

Today I went to the bank to deposit the money , in both days I managed to collect £349.07 in total.
The gamer in me now will be even harder on the players that carry 4000 copper pieces and do not count them for the encumbrance rules, Man those coins were heavy , Carrying my Daughter on my back ( and she is 9kg ) was lighter the the coins, so no more PC’s walking around with 4K of coins !!!!

To my delight Aiki Linux consulting added £140 to the Pot and that gave a nice push to the total amount.

I am now past the £1000 mark and more confident that I will participate , so the training regime is kicking in to full gear … Wish me luck !!!

Weekend well spent

This weekend I spent most of my time in the local branch of Pet’s at home in Hemel Hempstead, I went there with the unoptimistic hope that I will raise 60£ over the weekend.
I set up myself standing in the doorway with my leaflets and collection box pleading with the customers to donate money and sponsor me , eventually my mouth would utter the phrase ” Spare some change for the Dog’s Trust” all on it’s own .

With knees aching from standing, cold creeping in every time some one came or left the shop and me forgetting the pack food or water (the first day at least ) I endured and stayed on with my pleading .

When the weekend finished and I went to deposit the “loot” in the bank , the total tally was £202.99, which is 14% of the target amount I wish to achieve . and it brings me to more then 50% of the minimal amount I need to raise to participate , So I’d call it a weekend well spent .

Help From the helped

In my effort to reach as wide an audience as possible for my fund raising , I’ve talked to my contact in the Dogs Trust and he agreed to help me .

To that end I wrote a short 200 word story to be posted on the Dogs Trust website , and today I got an email telling me it is up and posted … so here is the article , with hopes it will help me help the Dogs Trust….The Dogs Trust Blog

Pinching pennies – part 2

Well , after collecting for a long time and gathering a rather large number of cion bags on my living room “fireplace” , I asked my wife to take the coins and convert them to a more manageable form of cash so I may add it to the donations .

With all the mix ups and true to form – she took the money and deposited it to her account …

Not to worry – yesterday she transfered the amount to the Dogs Trust on the just giving page – all £28.67 collected .

Just goes to show that even in small numbers , we can get to nice sums.

Pinching Pennies

You know the saying “A drop in a bucket” ?, Every one who ever had a leaky faucet will tell you that eventually the bucket gets filled up and you need to pour it out some where , well the same goes for small donations , and with that train of thought I have been collecting small change from all sources , pennies , twopence , and five pence coins I find in the street . I’m the person that bends down to pick up a stray penny on the sidewalk .
This money (as small as it is ) is being accumulated and will be given to the DogsTrust. So to quote Han Solo – “Small help is better then no help” .

Irish Generosity

I’d like to say thanks to all the members of the Irish gaming community that donated money to sponsor me , I will not name names – as you all know who you are , but I will say this –  your donations raised 12%  of the money needed .

My deepest thanks , and my heart felt gratitude.