Just as I was planning a new start (see previous post) , life decides to put a stop gap into my plans .
I was all ready for my weekend ride , trimmed up the bike from the dirt and extra stuff I carry , charged the MP3 Players battery , so I was well on my way to get another weekend ride .
But the Health demons decided that I am not giving them enough of me, so they gave me an Airways and lung infection , breathing is painful , I even had to skip on my morning walk with the four legged miracle (that can tell you how much pain I am in).

On the better news section : I’ve been to the Doctor and I am now 76 kg . that means I lost almost 6kg since I started training for this , if I can loose another 5kg i’ll be very happy .
I Guess I should stop with my love for good food and Beer ? NO WAY ;-)

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