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I finally got myself a route I enjoy riding and that has all the aspects i need to work on , moderate hills , long climbs , flat stretches , rubbish road surface ,turns , open road .. all the things I assume i’ll encounter on the ride to Paris .
The total distance is 35k and it takes me about 1 hour 13 minutes to complete it ,and now that I have gotten to the stage that I am ready to ride it as many times as I can , I am stuck for a week till I can climb on the bike for more then 20 minutes, not due to an injury , but work!
I am on call and with no one else to man the phones I can not be out of reach from my Pc for more then 30 minutes , this is annoying as I can see that I will miss some movies in the cinema and loose training sessions.

I thought about using the Gym in town , but it is just not the same and now as fun.

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