Dunwich Dynamo – ✓

Well , another item is done and another ride under my “belt” .
To those of you that posses a sane mind ( Who are you and why are you reading my blog , do I know you ??? ) here is some information about what is the Dunwich Dynamo .
The main concern with this ride is staying sharp and not too sleepy , i sorted that issue with a very simple and elegant solution , when I arrived to the Pub , I stepped in and ordered a pint of Coke.
Considering the fact that my Caffeine intake is … none , the amount of Caffeine and suger in coke usually holds me up for more the 16 hours .
Then the wait began, we had to have a map but the guys with the map only arrived at 20:00 and then the queue form fast , so getting a map was time consuming.
I got on the bike with a large group that formed , and we headed out at 20:30 , cloudy skies but still plenty of light , we wanted to clear the forest part while there was still light.
The pace was good , but during the wooded part I tried to point my torch to the road , not just sky high , and it promptly fell of the bike.
I was more upset about the loss of the 4 rechargeable size AA batteries then the torch itself .
First stop was at the 50k mark , and to our surprise it was 22:15 when we got there , one of the guys said we need to slow down as this a very fast pace.
Considering there where the “greyhounds” in the event , those riders that do 35kph uphill, I thought we were doing ok .
As night fell the clouds cleared and the full moon came to shine on us and it was a beautiful night, a bit cold, to ride through the rural English country side, lovely houses and small villages and hills and more hills , now I finally have a full understanding and comprehension to all those books with the landscape description of “rolling hills” , they are not steep hills or even high ones, but they just seem to go up and down forever.

The main food stop was in the 86k mark and was good, and after that just on to the end.
At the 140k point we came to a riders pile up , at first we suspected an accident , but the a sign, a miraculous and wonderful sign came in to view “Bacon rolls , Vegie Rolls , Tea + Coffee , Water” , We Stopped !!!
My wall arrived at the 8mile before the end , my right knee started to protest with a very load “pop” and from then on it was a horrible pain to push down the peddle, I had to get off the bike and walk for a bit until the knew will ease up and then climb on the saddle .

I reached the finish line at 5:57 AM with the ride computer calling it a 186k.
My bum was so sore sitting is painful , but i have accomplished this task too.
On the way home the crash happened, the body no longer high on Adrenalin and Caffeine just felt drained and now sleep is coveted .

Oh , as usual when I do this rides I have my Sport tracker application active , this time when i checked it in the first stop it said we did 8k , the gps link was not working – Annoying !!!!

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