L2P – Day 1

The day started early , 5:15 wake up , and 5:30 breakfast , everyone was excited and we joked about the shape of the antena near the start point – pictures will be posted later and you’ll see what I mean.
A quick briefing and we handed our bags before we were about to set out . The day was divided to four sections (at least according to the brief) leg 1 , a 22 mile (35km) to the first water stop , as we rode it became evident that the mileometer on the support car needs calibration , first stop was at 26 mile (43 km) , from there to the lunch point we were told 30 miles (50 km) , again it was more then that.

By the time I reached the lunch break my knees were screaming bloody murder , so I put on the knee bracers and soldiered on ( we were told that we only have 30miles left (50km), divided to 2 legs each 15 miles (24km) in true one leg was 18 mile and the other was 12. on the way we encountered some hills that put Devil’s Dyke to shame and in the state of my knees I had no option but to get off the bike and walk up the hills .
After the last water break myself and another rider started toward Dover ,we had a good pace and i was able to keep with him fairly well, then we hit a snag : the road turned to an M road , which we can not ride on , that was our first indication that we may have taken a wrong turn somewhere , turns out the sign fell off and was put in place about 30 sec AFTER we went past that junction , this caused us to visit flagstone and waste 3 attempts to get back on the main route only to find ourselves heading to the M road again .
Eventually we took the “scenic” route and arrived at the end point roughly 10 minutes after the first ones . We left the Bikes with the Staff and headed for the pub for a much deserved Pint!
The total distance covered today (including the ride from the ferry to the hotel 162KM (101 miles) , My knees are sore and unwilling to bend without protesting , I soaked them in the bath for 20 min and will let them rest the night , so they will be ready for tomorrow.

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