Oh my god – I’ve killed Annie

Last night I had my EFR ( Emergency First Responder ) refresher/training course , we learned about the changes of how to perform CPR that became acceptable since I was initially trained.

It was a good review and nice to see that I still remember most of the stuff , and since our “classes” are more along the lines of an open discussion forum, I was able to part some of my knowledge about how to approach and perform some of the action covered in the CPR procedure.

Then we moved to the CPR and Breathing section with the doll , when it was my turn I got into position and tilted the head back to administer the “rescue breaths” , when there was a loud “CRACK” and Annie’s head was in my hands 5 cm away from the neck joint.

They say that giving aid to a non breathing , no pulse person is a good thing cause you can’t make them any worse , does removing the head of a non breathing person counts as making him worse ? I mean he was dead already , how much deader can you be when you are not breathing and have no heart beat ?

Once the rest of the group managed to recover from the shock , we all laughed , but they looked at me wearily and announced they rather I do not come to their aid if they require CPR , so now I managed to scare most of my Dive club about my buoyancy (or lack there of ) and to add to that those of my Dive Master course would rather die then me give them CPR .

I am not making good impression on people am I ?





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  • avatar Sylver says:

    Oh dear, hon..

    Good luck with this group.. :) Try not to kill anyone (else)..

    Glad you have a decent dive group, though.. :)

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