Slow swimmer

Last night I was lazy ( and late) coming to the weekly training session in the pool of the dive club , and was hoping to stay dry .

The Club Director and My course Instructor had other plans to me , and told me to get in the side pool to do my 400m swim , the prospect of it didn’t stress me too much until we had a miscommunication , my doing or his , who knows ?

The problem was that I asked how many Laps I need to do , he thought for a couple of secs and then said “25” , I was a bit startled but a test is just that , A test to push you see how you cope. At the side of the pool were two ladies observing their children in the pool with one of the DM ( Dive master) scuba giving the lesson , and my instructor told them to count my swim for him as he was needed also in the other pool , Unknown to me was that he told them that I need to do “25 Lengths” of the pool .

I started swimming and after a while lost count on my Laps ( I thought I was at 7 or 8 ) and paused to ask the ladies how much I had done , the answer was “17” which wasn’t what I was expecting , I went on to complete the rest but the Instructor said I stopped and hence failed … I don’t care cause now I know it is not 25 Laps but 25 lengths , which is a lot easier.

My arms did hurt by the end of it as i think this is the longest distance I swam with out fins since I stopped swimming in the Tel aviv Uni , in the Pre-Wife Age , that can tell you Folks how long ago that was.

I should go back to swimming , at least once a week , maybe?

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