wet / dry – which is easier

On Sunday I did some of my mandatory training dives for my PADI dive Master course , if you ever had your face covered in mud or had been sprayed from a passing car/bus/truck you’d know the feeling of how bad the visibility was in the place I dove .

The place is called Wraysbury , which is a lake outside Heathrow airport , so the planes are going over head constantly (imagine giving a briefing in that environment) , the bottom of the lake (max depth 10m ) is sleet and sand and it is used for training , so all the divers are mucking the water with in the first 10 minutes of the first diver in.

After doing the 4 mandatory “puddling” , I had to do the “open water skills” swim 800 m with mask and fins and two a diver for 100 m , all went fine but the visibility was getting worse every minute (almost hit the pillars of the deck one time cause could not see them) .

Last night I had my Theoretical test for the course , 120 questions involving diver theory about displacement , gasses , dive planing and not to mentions diver safety , it turns out that 2 questions i accidentally marked the wrong answer then what I wanted and that piled up the number of wrong answers I gave , one member of the group did fail the test , Gladly it was not me , I passed the test and now I am one more step closer to completing the course successfully .

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