NRPE new version – same old issues

after a long wait the new version of NRPE has come out , for those not versed in the Open Source NMS ( read Nagios or Icinga ) world , this the remote agent that allows to perform remote check on the monitored system .

Just to clear the air about long wait here is the excerpt from the Changelog file ( dates only ):
2.13 – 11/11/2011

2.12 – 03/10/2008

Almost 3 years for a minor version , so when it was announced i grabbed the source file and took it for a test drive on my VM .
One of the issues that was prominent in the older version is that when enabling the debug feature the output was minimal and not sufficient to actually debug the activity on the agent , and naturally that was the first item I checked .
Sadly the issue still lingered , to fix it you need to modify the nrpe.c file and modify the definition of the syslog call from LOG_DEBUG to use LOG_INFO , then rebuild the daemon .

I did that and tested the work and now it works fine .

Hopefully , I’ll be able to push my changes to the main steam and have this merged so in the next release ( after my retirement ;-) ) it will not happen again.

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