The troubles of moving house

I have had a bad week , And I this type of week will never happens again let me go back about 3 weeks and tell you what I am on about :

We agreed that we need to move to a bigger house , so we started looking about a month ago , we saw some places that were not great and some that were great but out of our price range , then the Mrs saw a place and fell in love with it , the price was ok and the location was a big improvement on where we are now (in regards to distance from the Child minder and the train station, for everything else there is the car – which is part of the story). So we started the process of going for the property , putting a deposit , providing references , interviewing moving man, getting a cleaning service to clean after we move and working on scrapping the money for he move .
During all that we had to buy a new car as the old one was scarped and we were stuck with out a car for 3 weeks, so last week we bought a Renault espace , which was in a good condition , although the Clutch was a bit hard to use .

The days ticked by and we were waiting for the tenancy agreement , but we were told that the landlord is away so it will take some time , annoying but Fine .

Come Sunday I had to take care of some things in London , so while there we decided we need a comfort food so we drove to Golders Green to get some decent Humous , once that was done i neede to drop back in to the city .
We went to talk the little one to a short walk in the Heath and when we come back I get the news that the clutch is broken , “odd” I think but as i look I see the clutch laying on the floor of the car like a cat after a good feed in the sun , The car will start but the gears won’t go anywhere . Right , Calling the AA , calling a Cab for the Mrs and the little one and now i wait for the AA.
Long story short – the clutch hydraulics went Kaput and I was towed to the shop with the car .
That was an annoying expenditure that we didn’t need , but it was resolved fast and clean (relatively) .
As the days moved on , it was now two days before the move and we still did not have a contract , my “tact-gone” meter was reaching the red zone and I decided to get in touch with the agency and sort it out . I think they heard that i was on the verge of tipping over and all of a sudden within 1 day we had all the papers sorted with all the changes we needed and now I have the keys to the house .

Considering that the movers are coming tomorrow , i’d say that this is Cutting it a bit close , but at least it is done .

Oh , and on a good new note – my application for the PADI Dive Master Certification has been approved , I am now a “professional” in the the Scuba Diver Business , Who wants to go sink with me ??

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