What have we done wrong ??

It is not as if I am opposed to progress , but there are some things that are just WRONG . and this is one of them , people some times do things cause they can , and never bother to think if the should. (I know i sound like a bad quote from Jurassic Park , or a debate about Stem Cell/Cloning research) , but there are some traditions you do not mess with.

Some will say that this will bring more people to know the flavours of whiskey , but I don’t see it that was , cause as every whiskey drinker will tell you each distillery has it’s own taste and feel to the Dram and even a plastic Bootle is contaminating the flavours of the drink , So to serve it in an Aluminium Can ?? that is like spitting in the face of a centuries old tradition and snubbing your nose at heritage .

This is also the next step to that horrid drink proposed in Star Trek : the Next Generation – Synthaol , A vile and hideous idea , and now they have made it no , Spawned it to infest the markets .
What i fear the most is that some idiot politician will think that how they can make the flavour , then the true article is redundant and will push to outlaw and shut down all whiskey production – the Prohibition again , and you know some one will say that this can be the “cure to alcoholism” .

Fear for the Future .

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