Like a kid going to school

This morning I had a feeling like I was a kid going to school again.

What brought that on , some of you might ask , well the story is like this:
Myself and the Mrs wanted to find out if we can find a decent Hummus in affordable prices in the area we live in , without having to travel to London to get it.
A short search in the ASDA superstore website showed several items made in our homeland marketed in the shop , so we ordered their “Yarden” Hummus (which turned out to be Zabar , to those how know what we are talking about).

The flavour is not Abu-Gosh , but for us it is a GREAT solution.
Coming back to this morning and the “feeling like a kid ” before I left for work I made myself some food to take with me , Sandwiches to be precise,with Hummus ham and Pickles, just like the ones we used to have when going to school .

Now all I need is some sun and hot weather ;-)

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  • avatar Mrs says:

    now we need to source the pickles, or become really creative with how and where we hide them. How about on top of the bookcase, she can’t find them there, right?

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