Pleasent Surprise

After a long while that I had no time to make a stew , I finally managed to “steal” a couple of hours and enjoy some cooking freedom in the kitchen.

I used all the usual ingredients some purchased on the normal super market (even the meat) and put them on a low flame for a slow cooking , added the spices and covered with water.
Then I looked at the kitchen to see if there is any thing that can add more flavour to the dish, and my eyes fell on the assortment of Cured meats I purchased in the French Market that was in Hemel about 6 weeks ago, I bought 6 pieces of differing fillings : Hazelnut, Chestnut, Duck , Calvados and other two, all the names are in French so since the time passed I did not remember which is which and did the “inny Meeny ” and selected one.

When we came to eat out dinner we were very pleasantly surprised – even the Little one was willing to eat form the sauce of the stew , and the mystery added meat – Chestnut .
I was already formally informed by the Mrs that what ever I do not eat today , I will not eat any more as she will finish it all !!!

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