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Education market was 49 percent last year

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What they are finding, though, is that it helps their stamina

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Movie prequels – making a mess

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Can anyone tell me why movie prequels can’t seem to keep to the “time line” established in the originals ?
I just saw the Trailer for Prometheus , the new Ridley Scott movie , and Lo and behold , in a story held many years before Ripley went on the Nostromo , the Technology presented makes Star Trek Tech look out of date by 200 years .
How is it possible that they have holograms , touch screens , engines that look like Iron Man repulse thrusters , while the Sulaco , that was build and used nearly 80 years after that didn’t have any of those ?

I know the CGI and FX has improved in leaps and bounds in the last 20 years , but even with the suspension of disbelieve that you take in to a movie theatre , I still find it unacceptable that they can not keep the established look and feel .
This has plagued many prequels either TV or Movie: The Crap new Star wars, Enterprise TV show, Terminator Salvation , and worse offender of them ALL , The Highlander!!

There are many more but I can’t remember all of them of the top of my head.

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From there I was able to link companies like Amazon and become

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how does microsoft surface 3 compete with apple and google

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At this stage, many companies pay up just to stop the hounding

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10 smart and savvy small business questions for 2011

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Project 365 – Day 42

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Mold on a fallen tree trunk can be a beautiful thing .

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New Life – Boxmoor trust

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yesterday on my ride to work I noticed that the horses have been moved back to the Boxmoor trust , the mares and Foals in one area while the stallions are across the road from them , so I grabbed my camera and the pooch and went to give them a visit .
There were 3 mares with 3 foals and they seemed rather protective of the little ones , and I also think they found my Camera noise annoying as they followed me through the whole field while I kept trying to keep the pooch being trampled by the mothers as he was hoping to chase the foals.
It did provide me with some nice pics:

Day 30 – Mare and Foal

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