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Project 365 – Day 42

Mold on a fallen tree trunk can be a beautiful thing .

New Life – Boxmoor trust

yesterday on my ride to work I noticed that the horses have been moved back to the Boxmoor trust , the mares and Foals in one area while the stallions are across the road from them , so I grabbed my camera and the pooch and went to give them a visit .
There were 3 mares with 3 foals and they seemed rather protective of the little ones , and I also think they found my Camera noise annoying as they followed me through the whole field while I kept trying to keep the pooch being trampled by the mothers as he was hoping to chase the foals.
It did provide me with some nice pics:

Day 30 – Mare and Foal

Project 365 – Day 25

Some times I find I forget to post for the day I took the pictures , and that gives me the ability to go back and revisit the pictures I took that day and pick another one form my collection then the one I previously thought to post .

Project 365 – Day 24

Yesterday I went to one of the shops that gives my wife nightmares, and me the despair for not having the money to spend in it like a mad man .
The shop is Calumet in Drummond St near Euston London , I resisted the urge to buy the thing i want but not need at moment , and just got some Filters and a Potra-cube for later use for Maltgeeks among other things.

When I got home I took my Pooch for the evening Walk and shoot – Usually when I do my daily photographing and in one garden I saw this flowers :
I took the photo as i was amazed how the light from the sunset mixed with the street lamp above made the Yellow of the petal stand out so much.

Project 365 – Day 23

The Blooming of this tree in the contrast of the house background colour was just to stunning not to take a picture

Project 365 – Day 22

Sun set is some time a wonderful thing to capture , even if it is now directly in the clouds and sky ,I really liked the colour play between the buildings and the hue of the sky :

Project 365 – Day 21

The formation of this bush with it’s white petals on green background made the position of the camera :

Day 20 – out at Knebworth House

Today , being the Easter Sunday we went to see a Jousting event in the Knebworth House (you can google it, if you want to know more about it ), it was a “classic” British weather , Cold , slight Drizzling and overcast all day long, in short Perfect for the sort of Middle ages atmosphere they were trying to create at the Jousting Arena.

We had a a nice time and while there I also made sure to take pictures ( both for fun and for my P365), So Day 20’s picture is from the Jousting :

Project 365 -Day 19

A visit to Buttefly World outside St. Albans wielded a nice picture .

Project 365 – Day 17