General thought and reflections

It has been a hectic time since I last had the time to sit down and write an entry here , and so much has happened , I had my second child born, A boy this time , he was circumcised , I started my guiding as a Sky Ride Leader, Passed my motorcycle test , bought my motor bike , got a Nagios certification , and passed the most annoying and useless test ever !

To elaborate a bit on the last one , last weekend I took my “life in the UK ” test , which is basically a test to show that you are familiar with many trivial things regarding living in the UK.

Take an average person Born in UK to take the test and 9 out of 10 will fail it , but for anyone wanting to migrate to the UK , it is not enough that you work here and pay your taxes for a long number of years , you also have to pass this ridiculous test that proves you can become a parrot and memorise and reaped , so I spend 3 weeks commuting on the train so I’ll have time to memorise the book and all the trivial information in it .
Thankfully I passed this test and now can forget all the crap .

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