תרופות סבתא or a good use for a bad whisky

A long time ago I was given a bottle of Chivas Reagal Blended Scotch, which I consider a bad Blend, and to add insult to injury it was in a Plastic bottle, so it was about on the same level as a drain opening fluid – or something you give as a gift to someone I don’t realy like or knows nothing about Whisky. Sadly my social circles to not present the oppertunity to either options, and the house drainage is working fine.
So this bootle was sitting in my Liquor box for quite a while, while i was waiting for an oppertunity to dispose of it and clear the space for a more worthy bottle – of which I have several.

Today my son was in agony over some pains and none of the medications helped, so as a last resort I said to the Mrs. “how about some Grandma remedies?” , she immidiatly picked on my train of thoughts and asked what we can used…. most of the things I have in the house are high value or over cask strength, then I remembered the Chivas and this was the perferct combination.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not wish my son any harm, but in his age his pallte for whisky is far from developped (today was his first venture), so a Chivas is as good as any other. I opened the bottle and dipped my finger in the liquid and smeared it over his gums, I guess he liked it as he bit my finger and was unwilling to let it go. When I removed my finger his expression said he was about to cry again, immidiatly I dipped my finger in the bottle and pushed it to his lips …. Silence, an expression of joy and a hint of the smile was the result.

He seemed to like it well enough and we knew we found some remedy for his sore mouth.

This is by no means something we will use on a daily basis, but sometime it is nice to see that the old ways still work and that the term “medicinal use” for Spirits wasn’t just a fabrication.

oh, and to all those who think this is irrisponsible or bad for the child – Go ask your parents if they did not do that to you, and if you still don’t like it – Get off my Blog !!

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