2nd Practice Ride

Today I have done my 2nd training session, which included a longer ride route and a lot more hill climbs, sdaly it also meant a large section of the ride was against a 26km head/side winds.

The only good thing about it was that the last 8km,when my legs,back and neck felt like could take no more,the wind became a tail wind which gave me the push I needed to the finish.

2nd ride

A leap from normal commute to 38km and from there to 62 km is good progress, and the body is complainign just about the right amount.

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  • avatar Oded says:


    I also recently picked up cycling – thought not on anything near the same league: I’ve bought a tel-o-fan subscription and am cycling the 15 from the train station to work and back. The main thing I have to say about it is that the bicycles they have are horrible.

    • avatar Assi says:

      If you get in to cycling, it is worth investing in a simple bike and lock, I have tried the Tel-o-fan in Tel Aviv and to say they are horrid is an understatment.

      Also, I am glad you do that, cause I’ll need a trainig partner when we move back, so you have a bit of time to get ready ;-)

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