Another failed saving throw, or did I just roll a natural 1 on Int check?

If you have been reading this blog for a while you may be aware that I am somewhat of a masochist when it comes to cycling, More often I aim big and bite more then I can chew.

And this time it seem is not any different.

There is a Little known cycling event in Europe called “Tour De France”, and this year it starts aptly in Yorkshire, England.

Now there are many charity organizariong that sell a participation to ride the route a day before the event starts when the road is closed, I thought about doing it but it required about £600, and I do not have the time to strat fund raising so I gave that up.

Months past and I thought I was past the urge to do the ride, and then a cycling shop I use frequently posted the option to participate in the ride for a very low price, and low and behold I now posess a ticket for the ride.

Then I saw the details on the event :

Road: 	Yes
Difficulty Rating: 	Hard
Event Date: 	28/06/2014 
Course options: Stage 1 :200km distances are approximate

So now that I have signed and noticed what I put my head on to, I started to understand that I am in way over my depth and need to pick up my training by an order of magnitude. I am strugling with doing a 30km ride with some hills, and this being the TDF, what I now call hills the other riders will call flats.

All I can hope for now is that I will be able to finish the ride and be able to hobble to the massage table (included in the admission price) on my own legs and with my head held high.

Wish me Luck!!

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  • avatar Oded says:

    Wow, that is some undertaking!

    I understand that you will be doing only the first day of the TDF route? This is still a serious business – good luck finishing it on the same day :-p

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