Fringe TNG

Two days ago I did some digging into something that was sitting in the back of my mind for a long time.

For those of you that are not watching “Almost Human” or have not watched “Fringe” this will not matter or mean anything so you can stop reading now.

First before all the nay sayers jump on my back let me say that I do like “Almost Human” and have enjoyed the run of “Fringe”(though I thought the end wasn’t done properly, but that is a matter for another time). The issue that bothered me was the narration on the opening of every “Almost Human” episode,is that is felt like I have heard it before.

Now taking into account the fact that the “father” of both shows is J.J. Abrams, I decided to take a stab and seeing if my guess is true, and about two thirds into the Fringe Pilot we have Nine Sharp say “We’ve reached a point where science and technology have advanced at an exponential rate for so long… that it may be far beyond our ability to regulate and control it.” – (Fringe (Pilot))”

Now to me that sounds like the same thing from “Almost Human”, So is this the TNG of Fringe or are we talking about a spin-off in the same time line progresseion that evolved at the end of “Fringe”?, I don’t know but it feels kind of off, that he uses the same line and premise in both shows.

One thing I do know, that if they will refer to “Walter Bishop” or “Willam Bell” or “Massive Dynamics” in anyway, it will only cement the proof that it is connected, as some of the science idea showen in “Almost Human” were shown in Fringe as part of the things Walter experimanted in.

And if “Almost Human” will last, maybe, maybe we will get more TOS Fringe … One can hope!

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