Many topics and Genral ranting

Many things happened since I last posted here, Not all of them good.

I’ll start with the painful and move to the others.

Today I had my longest trainig ride to-date in this season – 133km, this was a ride event of 100k and the ride to and from the event. Now the event was well planned and executed but, and this is a big BUT the weather decided to mess with us, during the first 68km of the ride we has headwinds of 23-25 km/h, needless to say that made the ride more difficult (on top of the fact that the area is the Chiltren, so hills are the default terrain).

On the 2 big hills I had to get off the bike and walk, but belive it or nor I was not the slowest rider in the event. Not I have to flesh logs under my hips, I just hope they wil resume functioning tomorrow mornig.

To add to my pain – I managed to lose my driver license during the ride (Some for of ID was advised to be carried and I did) and manged to lose it somewhere, I plan to call the orgenaizers and see if one of the marshals might have found it, but I do not have high hopes.

Now for the Rant part: NBC have announced that they are canceling the show Revolution. I liked the show dispite all it’s flaws, and there were plenty.

If you havent wanted the show the premis is that the power went our one day and the show picks up 15 years after that. Some aspects thet did well, but they also ignored some major aspects of the premise – like what will happen to all the nuclear plants without electircity to regulate water flow to the cores and so forth, but the thing that realy got me upset with the writers was the end of season 1, I will not disclose all the details so if you want to watch it I will not have spoiled to much, But will say they they show a person turning on a reading lamp.

Now this might be good TV but it was rubbish writing and worse it was horrible science – If there is no power for 15 years and all the power plants are dead, where does the electicity for the lamp come from ?
That was just blatant “bite me” moment from the show creators and I still haven’t forgiven.

Another thing in the show is some of the relationships are so far fetched it is hard to beleive they occur, one of the characters have betrayed the others so many times, yet they keep of accepting him, where any other person in thier boots would have just put a bullet in his head so many times.

Ok, Ranting over.
Time to mourn “Almost human” that was also cancelled.

2 Responses to “Many topics and Genral ranting”

  • avatar Oded says:

    1) awesome! Good on you!
    2) it sounds like revolution is really sucky. I’m much more pissed about almost human, which I was planning to see (when I have time).

  • avatar Assi says:

    The show did have some good moments and stories, but to me those two issues kept on reducing the fun from the show.

    As for “Almost Human”, Watch it, even though it was cancelled it was a good show (also see what I wrote about it in my “fringe TNG” post.
    I liked it very much, I might have some “actor-crush” on Karl Urban after I saw him in Dredd 3D, But I do think it was well done.

    The most annoying thing about it to me is that people are putting it in the same category as FireFly -which is degrading to Almost Human (I found Firefly to be boring and not worth the time).

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