Silly aspirations

For a long time I have been faffing about with the idea of writing something.

Back in the days of serious gaming I wrote some short stories, started a couple of book ideas, and even started writing some of my military service escapades ( till I realised what it should never be published and I made sure to get rid of it).

In the last five or six month I have been developing a script for a TV show, keeping it as a mental exercise and trying to get it to a point where I may try to send it out and see it might be picked.

I got most of the pilot sorted with regards to plot and where I want to take it, and I am about one third into the 1st episode, and the more I write the characters the more conflicted I am about if or how I can choose a main character from the collection I’ve created.

Keeping in the concept of the plot I do not want to have a specific person be the centre of the plot, I want this to be an ensemble progress, where everyone is as important to the story and the overall progress.

Harder to do then I imagined.

I may write about it here in the future, but don’t wait.

More likely I’ll upload some of my older stuff, based on some of my gaming characters… we’ll see.



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