Breaking the 400km

It is Passover here in Israel and I have been adding more rides to my training, so much so that today I passed the 400 KM cumulative distance I rode this month and we are just about half way done, I don’t think I’ll put in another 200 KM this month, but give the sessions I do on the trainer and the rides with the group, I think there is a strong chance that I will break the 600 this month. Which will be a good distance for the training.

It is funny to think about it now but I have a sensation that after the LEL2022 I will not be able to look at my bike for along while, although I have been known to be wrong about these things in the past.

If you (whom ever you are that are reading this) want to keep up to date on my training, you can find it all on my Strava profile

Today’s training was a bit of a mistake, I planned on doing 70Km and ended doing 81.3km, I am not complaining but it just goes to show that sometime it is the small mistakes that help in gaining things, in the last several rides I find that my average speed is now 24km/h or 15mp/h which is much faster then I was 4 month ago (I was struggling to break the 23km/h or 13mp/h and the best thing about it is that I was able to maintain that speed for my long ride ( granted it was relatively flat), but still for my fitness, the fact that I am recovering from COVID and my general riding preference, it is a big thing.
I just hope I’ll keep improving so I can do the ride and complete it. Fingers crossed.

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