Kicking in to Gear

The LEL2022 is getting closer and with it my trepidation of not being up to the task, I partially blame COVID for it, being sick and off the bike for a period of 6 weeks obviously did not help my preparation efforts.
Last week I decided that I need to add in more long distance rides to get my body and mentality ready for the event, so I planned for a long ride on Saturday, the first one with Daylight saving time, which ended being also the first hot weekend of the spring.
Never the less I started the ride at first light and put in the miles:

I rode from home to the northern border (in the past you could have seen Lebanon, but the gate is now fenced as to not give possible shooters any visibility across the border.
On the way back I felt the heat draining me and I had to stop 30K away from home and my initial planned distance. I was drained to the point that I was unable to walk to the car when my friend came to pick me up (2 m from the bench I was sitting on), luckily there was a traffic jam so by the time I got home I recovered enough to be able to walk home.

I need to add such rides to my training for the time that I have left.
I need to hope for cooler days, but with the summer starting, this maybe a hard thing to expect.

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