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Late to the party

I must be very late to this particular party but I had to share this with whom ever reads this blog (Thank you, Both of you).
In the night before the Razzies I was looking at the nominations for both the Razzies and the Oscars and looking at upcoming Trailers for movies on YouTubewhen I hit a trailer for the Skyrim V :The Elder Scrolls and the Song stuck with me.
The imagery and the vocals that came along with it just captured me completely and I found myself chanting the song over and over again and replaying it in my head and on my mp3 play lists.

As I am so entranced by this song and the performer I feel obliged to “plug” her Malukah , I believe she is an artist to follow as her career will take off .

Now if you know me,you know that I do not like computer games, and there is no way I will play the Skyrim games just cause of the song, but if some one can tell me in all honesty that the game can capture you and entice the spirit in the game play and soundtrack as that short trailer does in those 2:01 minutes then I will admit that the production company did a wonderful work.

Missing Gaelcon

First time in 16 years that I am missing Gaelcon and it feel like something is wrong, I have been going through withdrawal symptoms: been sick, headaches and all that jazz.

And to top it all today we had the first snow of winter falling on us in my part of the UK.

D&D: Controling the Thieves guild

This post is gaming related , I think this is the first one that is fully and totally related the Games, this one in particular is a D&D 3rd edition game.
I came up with this concept cause I was tired of the cliché of the thieves guild running the city from the shadow or every player that plays a rouge coming with the “oh ,I stole that” excuse for items he wants.
As this is a magical world, the local police will use magic to rein in the criminal population.
The idea is relatively simple, when ever a new member joins the Thieves guild, he receives a “Mark of Justice” spell cast on him, the Thieves guild has to pay for the cost of the spell,and that also helps reduce the amount of money they can horde.
A rouge unwilling to participate in the ceremony he will be arrested,sedated and have the ceremony cast on him while he is helpless (there for does not get a Saving Throw).
Rouges in this city earn XP as lock smiths , jugglers, Security inspectors and so forth, essentially all the things a thief will do (except pick pockets) but on the legal side and being commissioned for it.

The “Mark of Justice” is a high level spell (5th) that requires a high level cleric to cast it, and it requires very powerful spells to break and dismiss this one.
Of course in order to allow some flexibility in the game you always add the human factor, some clerics will be greedy and will take the money and “fake” the ceremony,or get paid to remove such a mark, but as those cost quite a bundle and the ceremony is supervised by the police , it makes for a more story driven event.