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Happy Camper – Sort of

For those of you that know me, you must have heard the story about the “best pictures I ever took” and the loss of the camera that allowed me to take those photos. You will also know that I have been searching for that model of the Camera ever since mine was taken by the military intelligence security devision.

Well.. after 23 years of searching both in “pounding pavements”(or for those not familar with the term – walking to stores and searching) and the internet I managed to track 2 people that knew something about the camera I was looking for – and both gave it also steller reviews.
One of them told me about a person that might be selling on on eBay, a short search found him (in Germany) and after a string of email and a tangent about the bureaucracy of ebay and paypal, the deal was complete and today (after the post took it’s sweet time – 32 days to be exact) I collected my Camera and it is a joy to hold it.