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In case of Covid, break …

I am not sure if there is really anything left to say about the situation that hasn’t been said, 2020 started of bad and went worse every day since . Wild fires, floods, the Amazon burning, Covid are we withnessing a new version of the ten plagues with a combination of all the other natural disaters that are atttributed to Ming the Merciless.

Last week I learned that a person I knew died from Covid-19, granted he was 85 years old and not in the best of health, but he still he could have been around still if not for that virus, I try to keep the advice of the medical experts in order to keep my family safe and I get annoyed and fustrated when I see others the ignore the warning.

I started a new job at the end of June and I think I spent less then 20 days in total in the office, by choice, as there is the possibility to get a permit and come to the office, but i feel safer working from home and I can help (though not as much as I would like)  a bit with the kids while they have no school.

My daughter is starting her teen years and that is a new challange and I Know I am not doing a good job, but any approche I try I seem to do the wrong thing, so I am not sure if it is me or just the teen phase… Oh, well, I’ll just pay for the therapy in 10 years.

My writing venture has been put on hold, it seems that I needed the train commute to be creative and productive, but with the lockdown and the Covid-19 not letting go, I am not using the train so no writing.

To end on a good note, i lost 2.5Kg during the first lockdown, now lets see if i can keep that trend (doubt it) .