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Pinching Pennies

Categories: Fund raising | November 12th, 2010 | by Assi | no comments

You know the saying “A drop in a bucket” ?, Every one who ever had a leaky faucet will tell you that eventually the bucket gets filled up and you need to pour it out some where , well the same goes for small donations , and with that train of thought I have been collecting small change from all sources , pennies , twopence , and five pence coins I find in the street . I’m the person that bends down to pick up a stray penny on the sidewalk .
This money (as small as it is ) is being accumulated and will be given to the DogsTrust. So to quote Han Solo – “Small help is better then no help” .

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Glasgow To Edingbrugh

Categories: Rides | November 8th, 2010 | by Assi | no comments

September 12 , A day most of my friends will remember with fond memories – my wedding day.
The day most of them drank so much Scotch that it might have been a night long drinking game – and for some it was .

Well this year i celebrated in a totally different way , combining two loves of mine ( and a nice training session ) i traveled to Glasgow to participate in the “Pedal For Scotland” and do the ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh .
Midway time

The ride was so much fun – the only sad point was – you were not allowed to stop for a dip :

The ride itself was a 50 mile ride (80 km ) , mostly over rolling hills and in towns (although there were some parts were we traveled on main roads) , great route , and a good day for riding – I managed to complete it in 3 Hours 25 minutes.

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London To Hove

Categories: Rides | November 8th, 2010 | by Assi | no comments

A while back – June i participated in the yearly ride from london to the south cost , the main event is called “London to brighton ” and has thousands of participants ,we opted to do the one a week after called “Esher to Hove”, that was a good parctice run – 100 KM ride .
End of the ride - team lovefilm  at Hove

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Irish Generosity

Categories: Fund raising | November 6th, 2010 | by Assi | no comments

I’d like to say thanks to all the members of the Irish gaming community that donated money to sponsor me , I will not name names – as you all know who you are , but I will say this –  your donations raised 12%  of the money needed .

My deepest thanks , and my heart felt gratitude.

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The Failed Roll

Categories: General | November 5th, 2010 | by admin | no comments

This whole thing started because of a wrong idea , I really thought I’d have time to visit the Distillery near Ben Nevis when I did the  3 Peak Challenge , Boy was I wrong .

When the challenge was finished the group said “never again” and then someone mentioned the idea of a  “London to Paris” bike ride – and I failed my Saving Throw .

A year passed and i found my self signing up with the DogTrust to do the bike ride .

So here i will post all things related to my endeavor .. ride updates , sponsorship progress and any other rumbling up to the evnet and while in it ( if we manage to raise the sponsorship).

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