Starting a new

After the dismal performance in the Iain Rennie Challenge I decided to reevaluate my fitness on the bike and set my training regime a new , and get my fitness back .
I seem to have forgotten that most of my training was when i cycled to work in west London , but now that I no longer work for that employer I no longer ride to work .

So in order to resume my training I’ve decided to set a new course and use it , so I selected the A4164 from Hemel to Leighton Buzzard .
It is a 45k ride and has some nice hills to add some difficulty to the ride. It also has some very badly maintained roads on some sections , so that is not much fun .
I did my first ride this last Sunday , my time in total was not good , nearly 2 hours for a 44k ride , but as it is a new base ride to start from , I should no be too hard on myself …should I ?

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