Awarded for mistakes

The Dive club I am part of had the “end of season” party where we acknowledge all the newly certified members and review the past year.

I got my “club” Diploma for the Dive Master certification and we had some laughs about how they can use my particular skills in the club dives (drop me to the bottom with 2 cylinders and spare the time of looking where to anchor the ascend line).
At the end of the evening we have an “Award ceremony” for various things that transpired though out the year , One of them is the “Spanner of the Year” (as you can imagine this is given to the guys that managed to mess up on the most spectacular level).

The nominations were all the heavy hitting blunders : 2 DM in training losing their “rescue” diver and actually rescuing someone else (not even from our club), A diver taking a stride entry off the boat with out the regulator in his mouth and mask on forehead.
And the winner by a long shot , is the man that (and I quote) “Used his Ninja skills to help his CPR patient by removing it’s head”, Yes as you’ve guessed I managed to win this plaque for Killing Annie By mistake.

And I thought they’d forget about that one.

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