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Silly aspirations

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For a long time I have been faffing about with the idea of writing something.

Back in the days of serious gaming I wrote some short stories, started a couple of book ideas, and even started writing some of my military service escapades ( till I realised what it should never be published and I made sure to get rid of it).

In the last five or six month I have been developing a script for a TV show, keeping it as a mental exercise and trying to get it to a point where I may try to send it out and see it might be picked.

I got most of the pilot sorted with regards to plot and where I want to take it, and I am about one third into the 1st episode, and the more I write the characters the more conflicted I am about if or how I can choose a main character from the collection I’ve created.

Keeping in the concept of the plot I do not want to have a specific person be the centre of the plot, I want this to be an ensemble progress, where everyone is as important to the story and the overall progress.

Harder to do then I imagined.

I may write about it here in the future, but don’t wait.

More likely I’ll upload some of my older stuff, based on some of my gaming characters… we’ll see.



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That time again

Categories: General, Rides | October 3rd, 2019 | by admin | no comments

It has been a year since I last posted here and SO much has happened I am not sure where I can start.

I’ll start with some good news, my bid to participate in the LEL2021┬áhas been accepted and I am excited and nervous about it as it will be a ride like I’ve never done before, for the 2 of you that read this, follow the link and understand the madness of it.

In other stuff, Yum Kippur is nearly here again and I am planning to do another night ride where I collect discarded plastic bottles, drinking cans and Glass bottles from the side of the road in an attempt to make the roads cleaner and help keep our planet and environment habitable a little longer, and I managed to convince a friend to join me for both things.

The kids are growing up and that is wonderful/troublesome/frustrating/amazing ( take what you want) and each day is a new one with it’s little surprises and quirks, and by the end of it all i want to do is collapse and rest, but not every day I get to do that.

I had my Shinsa (martial arts exam) for Sho-dan ( first degree black belt ) in Aikido , that happened 2 weeks after I dislocated my knee, so the exam itself was shorter then planed as I had problems standing or walking or anything not involving sitting or laying down and I could not reschedule the exam due to out side factors. Well, all’s well that end’s well.

We had a trip to the New Forest in the south of England, and the kids were so happy, it felt like coming home in a way: running outside, playing, watching horses roam free in the towns and meadows, it made me miss our life in the UK even more.

I hope to resume writing here, or at least more frequently, now that I am going back on a training plan… time will tell.



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