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Successful save.

Categories: General, Rides | November 25th, 2011 | by Assi | no comments

A couple of days ago I got an email from the company that did the logistic behind my London to Paris ride inviting me to participate in 3 Cities Bike Ride .

The dice roll was a natural 20 and with out much thought ( though I did take a look at the route and the distances) the mail was discarded and I moved on .

I can’t say that I don’t miss the fun of the ride , but not now , Maybe for my 50th birthday.

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NRPE new version – same old issues

Categories: General | November 21st, 2011 | by Assi | no comments

after a long wait the new version of NRPE has come out , for those not versed in the Open Source NMS ( read Nagios or Icinga ) world , this the remote agent that allows to perform remote check on the monitored system .

Just to clear the air about long wait here is the excerpt from the Changelog file ( dates only ):
2.13 – 11/11/2011

2.12 – 03/10/2008

Almost 3 years for a minor version , so when it was announced i grabbed the source file and took it for a test drive on my VM .
One of the issues that was prominent in the older version is that when enabling the debug feature the output was minimal and not sufficient to actually debug the activity on the agent , and naturally that was the first item I checked .
Sadly the issue still lingered , to fix it you need to modify the nrpe.c file and modify the definition of the syslog call from LOG_DEBUG to use LOG_INFO , then rebuild the daemon .

I did that and tested the work and now it works fine .

Hopefully , I’ll be able to push my changes to the main steam and have this merged so in the next release ( after my retirement ;-) ) it will not happen again.

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The troubles of moving house

Categories: General | November 17th, 2011 | by Assi | no comments

I have had a bad week , And I this type of week will never happens again let me go back about 3 weeks and tell you what I am on about :

We agreed that we need to move to a bigger house , so we started looking about a month ago , we saw some places that were not great and some that were great but out of our price range , then the Mrs saw a place and fell in love with it , the price was ok and the location was a big improvement on where we are now (in regards to distance from the Child minder and the train station, for everything else there is the car – which is part of the story). So we started the process of going for the property , putting a deposit , providing references , interviewing moving man, getting a cleaning service to clean after we move and working on scrapping the money for he move .
During all that we had to buy a new car as the old one was scarped and we were stuck with out a car for 3 weeks, so last week we bought a Renault espace , which was in a good condition , although the Clutch was a bit hard to use .

The days ticked by and we were waiting for the tenancy agreement , but we were told that the landlord is away so it will take some time , annoying but Fine .

Come Sunday I had to take care of some things in London , so while there we decided we need a comfort food so we drove to Golders Green to get some decent Humous , once that was done i neede to drop back in to the city .
We went to talk the little one to a short walk in the Heath and when we come back I get the news that the clutch is broken , “odd” I think but as i look I see the clutch laying on the floor of the car like a cat after a good feed in the sun , The car will start but the gears won’t go anywhere . Right , Calling the AA , calling a Cab for the Mrs and the little one and now i wait for the AA.
Long story short – the clutch hydraulics went Kaput and I was towed to the shop with the car .
That was an annoying expenditure that we didn’t need , but it was resolved fast and clean (relatively) .
As the days moved on , it was now two days before the move and we still did not have a contract , my “tact-gone” meter was reaching the red zone and I decided to get in touch with the agency and sort it out . I think they heard that i was on the verge of tipping over and all of a sudden within 1 day we had all the papers sorted with all the changes we needed and now I have the keys to the house .

Considering that the movers are coming tomorrow , i’d say that this is Cutting it a bit close , but at least it is done .

Oh , and on a good new note – my application for the PADI Dive Master Certification has been approved , I am now a “professional” in the the Scuba Diver Business , Who wants to go sink with me ??

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What have we done wrong ??

Categories: General | November 4th, 2011 | by Assi | no comments

It is not as if I am opposed to progress , but there are some things that are just WRONG . and this is one of them , people some times do things cause they can , and never bother to think if the should. (I know i sound like a bad quote from Jurassic Park , or a debate about Stem Cell/Cloning research) , but there are some traditions you do not mess with.

Some will say that this will bring more people to know the flavours of whiskey , but I don’t see it that was , cause as every whiskey drinker will tell you each distillery has it’s own taste and feel to the Dram and even a plastic Bootle is contaminating the flavours of the drink , So to serve it in an Aluminium Can ?? that is like spitting in the face of a centuries old tradition and snubbing your nose at heritage .

This is also the next step to that horrid drink proposed in Star Trek : the Next Generation – Synthaol , A vile and hideous idea , and now they have made it no , Spawned it to infest the markets .
What i fear the most is that some idiot politician will think that how they can make the flavour , then the true article is redundant and will push to outlaw and shut down all whiskey production – the Prohibition again , and you know some one will say that this can be the “cure to alcoholism” .

Fear for the Future .

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