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Never Mind the F6

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I was so upset today that I took a look at the “Devil’s Catalouge” or in it’s real name the Calumet Photography Catalouge, where I saw this: the new Nikon Df and I am In love.
I mean, Just look at it, It looks like a Proper camera, but it is a Full frame DSLR on par with the D4 and it works with all the Nikon lenses, old and new, I mean what more can you ask for ??
Now all I need is to wait 5-6 years so the price will come down to “affordable” and I know what I am asking for my “mid-life Crisis” – still it will be cheaper then the cars ( DB6 or Carver One ) I want , and unlike Crais, I will not need to “ditch the firm, head off to Maui, shack up with the supermodel ..” so what could go wrong ?

קולו של העונג נדם

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שירי אריק איינשטיין

Calling it like it is

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Let me start by saying that I liked “Man of Steel” as a movie, I had a good enough script and the Direcdor did some decent work, but It seems that Mr. Snyder mistook this movie for his earlier works and tried to cram too much CGI to the movie to compansate on other failings in the movie

Now if you have not seen the movie yet, stop reading NOW!! and there might be things that might be considered spoilers.

I think it is time we stop all the pretense and admit the common truth: When you say “Superman” and “Hollywood” the first thing that comes to mind is the only man that has been Superman both on and off stage, Christopher Reeve!
The role that made him a household name, and the role that he hated and was most disappointed that people only knew about his acting career, was also his quite off screen persona, especially after his tragic accident.

Now Henry Cavil is a fine actor and I do not want to diminish his effort in stepping to big shoes, but “Superman”, sadly that he is not.
He portary’s a fine “clark Kent” and in some scenes he gives a good effort to try and step up to the plate, but sadly he is not doing a very good job in this one.
The late Mr Reeve Owned the role in both aspects of it and non of the 3 actors that came after him to don the suit ever measured up, Some of you might try to point out that there are 4 (if you include Smallvile) but Tom Welling did not play Sups, he played CK and as that he did a fine job, Considering that the only interesting and good character on the show was the young Lex.
In my eyes the movie had so much potental that was wasted on the fight scenes, and in those moments the stry was suspended and the acting failed to make the CGI compeling, instead it makes it annouying and tiresome.

So All in all the movie is another “pop corn” movie that will do nice in the Box office , but in my opinion it is not “Superman”.

Late to the party

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I must be very late to this particular party but I had to share this with whom ever reads this blog (Thank you, Both of you).
In the night before the Razzies I was looking at the nominations for both the Razzies and the Oscars and looking at upcoming Trailers for movies on YouTubewhen I hit a trailer for the Skyrim V :The Elder Scrolls and the Song stuck with me.
The imagery and the vocals that came along with it just captured me completely and I found myself chanting the song over and over again and replaying it in my head and on my mp3 play lists.

As I am so entranced by this song and the performer I feel obliged to “plug” her Malukah , I believe she is an artist to follow as her career will take off .

Now if you know me,you know that I do not like computer games, and there is no way I will play the Skyrim games just cause of the song, but if some one can tell me in all honesty that the game can capture you and entice the spirit in the game play and soundtrack as that short trailer does in those 2:01 minutes then I will admit that the production company did a wonderful work.

Astute observations

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Some times you can be utterly bewildered by the astute observation of a child, and i was caught completely off guard this morning by my daughter.

As we were playing in the morning before I had to leave for work I told her I need to get ready to leave for work she told say,with a blink or hesitation, ” Aba, no Work, Enough” I was stunned for a second and when replied with” True, but I need to go” to which she replied ” Aba, Sleep , Feel better” .

Short, to the point and 100% accurate, if only I could have followed that Zen advise I would have been a very happy man, Sadly I had to disengage myself from the play time and leave for work, with a song that has been popping in to my head every time I think of my kids , Twilight Time by The Platters :

Heavenly shades of night are falling
It’s twilight time
Out of the mist your voice is calling
It’s twilight time
When purple colored curtains
Mark the end of the day
I hear you my dear at twilight time

Deepening shadows gather splendor
As day is done
Fingers of night will soon surrender
The setting sun
I count the moments darling
Till you’re here with me
Together at last at twilight time

Here in the after-glow of day
We keep our rendez-vous beneath the blue
Here in the sweet and same old way
I fall in love again as I did then

Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me
Like days of old
Lighting the spark of love that fills me
With dreams untold
Each day I pray for evening just
To be with you
Together at last at twilight time

Together at last at twilight time

I know that the song is meant for adult lovers, but I understand the yearning expressed and I feel it also expresses how i feel about the chance to see my kids.

Skyfall – a return of classfull Bond

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I went to see “SkyFall” last night, expecting to be entertained mildly and have a nice time, and i got more then I was hoping for.
This movie combines the grit that the previous two Daniel Craig movies introduced to Bond with a charm and class that you got from some of the original Connery Bond.
I will not give spoilers, this function at our household is reserved to the Mrs, but I will say that they did a very good job in meshing the old style bond with the new style of action that is dominant in this age’s action movies.

The last 4 Bond movie’s were fluff that once the movie ended you didn’t think of it too much, yet with this movie i found myself thinking about during the 2 hours drive I had the morning after,Time usually spent in replaying “A New hope” in my head while stuck in dead traffic,and for those of you that know me that should tell something if it manage to “knock out” a Star Wars movie …

So it you have a chance to go see it and have not done so yet, and if you are a Bond fan, this one is a must see.
two thumbs up and a “Hell, yes”

Missing Gaelcon

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First time in 16 years that I am missing Gaelcon and it feel like something is wrong, I have been going through withdrawal symptoms: been sick, headaches and all that jazz.

And to top it all today we had the first snow of winter falling on us in my part of the UK.

D&D: Controling the Thieves guild

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This post is gaming related , I think this is the first one that is fully and totally related the Games, this one in particular is a D&D 3rd edition game.
I came up with this concept cause I was tired of the cliché of the thieves guild running the city from the shadow or every player that plays a rouge coming with the “oh ,I stole that” excuse for items he wants.
As this is a magical world, the local police will use magic to rein in the criminal population.
The idea is relatively simple, when ever a new member joins the Thieves guild, he receives a “Mark of Justice” spell cast on him, the Thieves guild has to pay for the cost of the spell,and that also helps reduce the amount of money they can horde.
A rouge unwilling to participate in the ceremony he will be arrested,sedated and have the ceremony cast on him while he is helpless (there for does not get a Saving Throw).
Rouges in this city earn XP as lock smiths , jugglers, Security inspectors and so forth, essentially all the things a thief will do (except pick pockets) but on the legal side and being commissioned for it.

The “Mark of Justice” is a high level spell (5th) that requires a high level cleric to cast it, and it requires very powerful spells to break and dismiss this one.
Of course in order to allow some flexibility in the game you always add the human factor, some clerics will be greedy and will take the money and “fake” the ceremony,or get paid to remove such a mark, but as those cost quite a bundle and the ceremony is supervised by the police , it makes for a more story driven event.

General thought and reflections

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It has been a hectic time since I last had the time to sit down and write an entry here , and so much has happened , I had my second child born, A boy this time , he was circumcised , I started my guiding as a Sky Ride Leader, Passed my motorcycle test , bought my motor bike , got a Nagios certification , and passed the most annoying and useless test ever !

To elaborate a bit on the last one , last weekend I took my “life in the UK ” test , which is basically a test to show that you are familiar with many trivial things regarding living in the UK.

Take an average person Born in UK to take the test and 9 out of 10 will fail it , but for anyone wanting to migrate to the UK , it is not enough that you work here and pay your taxes for a long number of years , you also have to pass this ridiculous test that proves you can become a parrot and memorise and reaped , so I spend 3 weeks commuting on the train so I’ll have time to memorise the book and all the trivial information in it .
Thankfully I passed this test and now can forget all the crap .

Movie prequels – making a mess

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Can anyone tell me why movie prequels can’t seem to keep to the “time line” established in the originals ?
I just saw the Trailer for Prometheus , the new Ridley Scott movie , and Lo and behold , in a story held many years before Ripley went on the Nostromo , the Technology presented makes Star Trek Tech look out of date by 200 years .
How is it possible that they have holograms , touch screens , engines that look like Iron Man repulse thrusters , while the Sulaco , that was build and used nearly 80 years after that didn’t have any of those ?

I know the CGI and FX has improved in leaps and bounds in the last 20 years , but even with the suspension of disbelieve that you take in to a movie theatre , I still find it unacceptable that they can not keep the established look and feel .
This has plagued many prequels either TV or Movie: The Crap new Star wars, Enterprise TV show, Terminator Salvation , and worse offender of them ALL , The Highlander!!

There are many more but I can’t remember all of them of the top of my head.

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