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Selfless actions and personal attonment

I am not sure if I talked about it already, and if I then there is no harm in talking about it some more.

I am disgusted by t the way people treat the country side as if it is their own rubbish bin and throw things that should go in to #recycling, it especially disturbs me when I cycle and see the amount of bottles and can are loitering the side of the road, and in some of the routes I ride the woods that are beside the road.

Several times after a ride I draft my #cycling buddy to help me collect those bottles and we load up the back seat of the car and I take those to a #recycling point or back to the refund stations (some bottles are eligible for a small refund , a way to try to encourage people to recycle), and the money goes for my kids saving account – it may not be much for each bottle but they have gained several hundred shekels each so far.

Some time I take my son with me on a trip to the woods for the sole purpose of cleaning up the bottles and he gets the money all to himself, as he is doing the work, he should get the reward without splitting the money with his sister.

Sadly the places that are the worse with the amount of loitering are along side the motorways and cleaning those (the municipality/government responsibility) is dangerous and thus almost never done.

Enter Yom Kippur … for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, this is one of the holiest days in the Jewish year, where we atone for the last year sins and faults we did to other people. Part of that tradition in Israel is that we do not drive.

The roads are empty. 

For the kids it is national #cycling day and parents allow their kids to drive on the road and stay late – as there are no cars to become a safety issue (not to mention that it reduces the pollution almost 90% for that day), and many adult cyclist use it for long rides along main roads .

I one the other hand decided that it would be the perfect night to go on a cleanup ride, the goal, ride along the main motorways and collect as many bottles and cans as I can find and fit in my trailer. I tried to recruit some of my friends for this ride but all of them bailed out on me, in the end I went out alone – after the kids have gone to sleep, and started cycling, I did something I do not do on any normal day, I put on my headphones and started a playlist.

Many of the people that saw me riding with a child carriage were puzzled, thinking a child was in the back but not bothered to ask me what I was doing, I cycled for 22.5km (14 miles) and ended up with a full trailer.

















And then is was time to head home.

I hope to make this an annual event, and that in the next year more people will join me and we can clean more roads.

Good bye Tenchi

Today we said goodbye to our beloved Dog Tenchi.

Tenchi has been with us since January 2004 and has enriched our lives to no end.

In his last days with us he has shown his great soul and compassion, while trying to be his young minded spirit, although his body failed him in that task.

Last night was hard for me, as I did not want to go to sleep cause I knew what the morning will bring, and I wanted to spend every moment with him to absorb his presence, smell, touch and love into me, I had weird notions about leaving the house and driving away as if,if i am not there the morning will not come and he will be with use 1 more day.

Our only condolences is that now he no longer suffers from the pain he had in his rear legs and his heart, and the hot summers that always made him exhausted and miserable.

We will miss you Tenchi, and the world looks bleaker and poorer now that you are gone.

Happy Camper – Sort of

For those of you that know me, you must have heard the story about the “best pictures I ever took” and the loss of the camera that allowed me to take those photos. You will also know that I have been searching for that model of the Camera ever since mine was taken by the military intelligence security devision.

Well.. after 23 years of searching both in “pounding pavements”(or for those not familar with the term – walking to stores and searching) and the internet I managed to track 2 people that knew something about the camera I was looking for – and both gave it also steller reviews.
One of them told me about a person that might be selling on on eBay, a short search found him (in Germany) and after a string of email and a tangent about the bureaucracy of ebay and paypal, the deal was complete and today (after the post took it’s sweet time – 32 days to be exact) I collected my Camera and it is a joy to hold it.

UK Last Hurrah

As my days in the UK have come to a close I decided to complete my “TODO” list and finish some tasks

  • Visit The Tower of London
  • Climb Ben Nevis
  • cycle around Scotland
  • So I took a weekend and did the “tourist” thing, went to Bourogh market, then seen the Tower, I skipped the Bling as the line was more the 2 hour long and I didn’t feel like standing in it.

    On my Last work day, I finished early and headed to the train station with my bag and bike to get the train to Fort William. As it is always my luck the day I picked to climb Ben Nevis was the worst day of that week, with cloud cover all over the mountain range. So cold, and wet I started to climb up, it took me 5 hours and it is a 8km each direction.
    By the time I reached the summit I was drenched and on the verge of Hyperthermia, also my phone was soaked wet and fingers unresponsive so i could not take any pictures.
    As soon as I was done with the photo attempts I did a short calculation and started rushing down the slope in hopes to get to a dry and warm place.

    It took me about 2 hours to get back to the base, my racksack was torn and soaked and every bit of clothing wet to the bone, I stepped in to the “Ben Nevis Inn” and asked for the soup and Hot choclate just to get the cold away.

    Once I managed to get some heat in me, I climbed on the bicycle, oh yes – I cycled to the base of the climb from the train station – where I left most of my gear in a locker, and went to pick up my stuff.
    Thankfully I managed to read the code for my locker from the soaked piece of paper that was my locker reciept and take my things, then I walked to the nearest B&B I found and got a room.

    The lady saw me and said without hesitation:”Give me everything,I’ll wash and dry it for you” when she heard I just got off the mountain she had an even bigger sorrowful expression.

    A good night sleep and a hot shower did me good.

    Next morning, after a good Scotish breakfast I got on the bike and left from Fort Willam on my way south, I cycled through Glencoe intending to reach Edinburgh, but the weather had other plans for me, so I headed to Glasgow in the end.
    When I inquired about the price of a hotel room for the night I found out it was cheaper to get the train back to london then stay the night in Glasgow, which is what I did.

    So Satuerday morning saw me back in Hemel with sour muscles and a hugh smile of managing the climb I wanted to finish for the last 5.5 years.

    Strike 3 things of my TODO list

    Many topics and Genral ranting

    Many things happened since I last posted here, Not all of them good.

    I’ll start with the painful and move to the others.

    Today I had my longest trainig ride to-date in this season – 133km, this was a ride event of 100k and the ride to and from the event. Now the event was well planned and executed but, and this is a big BUT the weather decided to mess with us, during the first 68km of the ride we has headwinds of 23-25 km/h, needless to say that made the ride more difficult (on top of the fact that the area is the Chiltren, so hills are the default terrain).

    On the 2 big hills I had to get off the bike and walk, but belive it or nor I was not the slowest rider in the event. Not I have to flesh logs under my hips, I just hope they wil resume functioning tomorrow mornig.

    To add to my pain – I managed to lose my driver license during the ride (Some for of ID was advised to be carried and I did) and manged to lose it somewhere, I plan to call the orgenaizers and see if one of the marshals might have found it, but I do not have high hopes.

    Now for the Rant part: NBC have announced that they are canceling the show Revolution. I liked the show dispite all it’s flaws, and there were plenty.

    If you havent wanted the show the premis is that the power went our one day and the show picks up 15 years after that. Some aspects thet did well, but they also ignored some major aspects of the premise – like what will happen to all the nuclear plants without electircity to regulate water flow to the cores and so forth, but the thing that realy got me upset with the writers was the end of season 1, I will not disclose all the details so if you want to watch it I will not have spoiled to much, But will say they they show a person turning on a reading lamp.

    Now this might be good TV but it was rubbish writing and worse it was horrible science – If there is no power for 15 years and all the power plants are dead, where does the electicity for the lamp come from ?
    That was just blatant “bite me” moment from the show creators and I still haven’t forgiven.

    Another thing in the show is some of the relationships are so far fetched it is hard to beleive they occur, one of the characters have betrayed the others so many times, yet they keep of accepting him, where any other person in thier boots would have just put a bullet in his head so many times.

    Ok, Ranting over.
    Time to mourn “Almost human” that was also cancelled.

    Fringe TNG

    Two days ago I did some digging into something that was sitting in the back of my mind for a long time.

    For those of you that are not watching “Almost Human” or have not watched “Fringe” this will not matter or mean anything so you can stop reading now.

    First before all the nay sayers jump on my back let me say that I do like “Almost Human” and have enjoyed the run of “Fringe”(though I thought the end wasn’t done properly, but that is a matter for another time). The issue that bothered me was the narration on the opening of every “Almost Human” episode,is that is felt like I have heard it before.

    Now taking into account the fact that the “father” of both shows is J.J. Abrams, I decided to take a stab and seeing if my guess is true, and about two thirds into the Fringe Pilot we have Nine Sharp say “We’ve reached a point where science and technology have advanced at an exponential rate for so long… that it may be far beyond our ability to regulate and control it.” – (Fringe (Pilot))”

    Now to me that sounds like the same thing from “Almost Human”, So is this the TNG of Fringe or are we talking about a spin-off in the same time line progresseion that evolved at the end of “Fringe”?, I don’t know but it feels kind of off, that he uses the same line and premise in both shows.

    One thing I do know, that if they will refer to “Walter Bishop” or “Willam Bell” or “Massive Dynamics” in anyway, it will only cement the proof that it is connected, as some of the science idea showen in “Almost Human” were shown in Fringe as part of the things Walter experimanted in.

    And if “Almost Human” will last, maybe, maybe we will get more TOS Fringe … One can hope!

    Another failed saving throw, or did I just roll a natural 1 on Int check?

    If you have been reading this blog for a while you may be aware that I am somewhat of a masochist when it comes to cycling, More often I aim big and bite more then I can chew.

    And this time it seem is not any different.

    There is a Little known cycling event in Europe called “Tour De France”, and this year it starts aptly in Yorkshire, England.

    Now there are many charity organizariong that sell a participation to ride the route a day before the event starts when the road is closed, I thought about doing it but it required about £600, and I do not have the time to strat fund raising so I gave that up.

    Months past and I thought I was past the urge to do the ride, and then a cycling shop I use frequently posted the option to participate in the ride for a very low price, and low and behold I now posess a ticket for the ride.

    Then I saw the details on the event :

    Road: 	Yes
    Difficulty Rating: 	Hard
    Event Date: 	28/06/2014 
    Course options: Stage 1 :200km distances are approximate

    So now that I have signed and noticed what I put my head on to, I started to understand that I am in way over my depth and need to pick up my training by an order of magnitude. I am strugling with doing a 30km ride with some hills, and this being the TDF, what I now call hills the other riders will call flats.

    All I can hope for now is that I will be able to finish the ride and be able to hobble to the massage table (included in the admission price) on my own legs and with my head held high.

    Wish me Luck!!

    תרופות סבתא or a good use for a bad whisky

    A long time ago I was given a bottle of Chivas Reagal Blended Scotch, which I consider a bad Blend, and to add insult to injury it was in a Plastic bottle, so it was about on the same level as a drain opening fluid – or something you give as a gift to someone I don’t realy like or knows nothing about Whisky. Sadly my social circles to not present the oppertunity to either options, and the house drainage is working fine.
    So this bootle was sitting in my Liquor box for quite a while, while i was waiting for an oppertunity to dispose of it and clear the space for a more worthy bottle – of which I have several.

    Today my son was in agony over some pains and none of the medications helped, so as a last resort I said to the Mrs. “how about some Grandma remedies?” , she immidiatly picked on my train of thoughts and asked what we can used…. most of the things I have in the house are high value or over cask strength, then I remembered the Chivas and this was the perferct combination.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not wish my son any harm, but in his age his pallte for whisky is far from developped (today was his first venture), so a Chivas is as good as any other. I opened the bottle and dipped my finger in the liquid and smeared it over his gums, I guess he liked it as he bit my finger and was unwilling to let it go. When I removed my finger his expression said he was about to cry again, immidiatly I dipped my finger in the bottle and pushed it to his lips …. Silence, an expression of joy and a hint of the smile was the result.

    He seemed to like it well enough and we knew we found some remedy for his sore mouth.

    This is by no means something we will use on a daily basis, but sometime it is nice to see that the old ways still work and that the term “medicinal use” for Spirits wasn’t just a fabrication.

    oh, and to all those who think this is irrisponsible or bad for the child – Go ask your parents if they did not do that to you, and if you still don’t like it – Get off my Blog !!

    Never Mind the F6

    I was so upset today that I took a look at the “Devil’s Catalouge” or in it’s real name the Calumet Photography Catalouge, where I saw this: the new Nikon Df and I am In love.
    I mean, Just look at it, It looks like a Proper camera, but it is a Full frame DSLR on par with the D4 and it works with all the Nikon lenses, old and new, I mean what more can you ask for ??
    Now all I need is to wait 5-6 years so the price will come down to “affordable” and I know what I am asking for my “mid-life Crisis” – still it will be cheaper then the cars ( DB6 or Carver One ) I want , and unlike Crais, I will not need to “ditch the firm, head off to Maui, shack up with the supermodel ..” so what could go wrong ?

    קולו של העונג נדם

    שירי אריק איינשטיין